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Kitchen Talks: The Myth of Time

1 Jan

Update: Urszula and I have decided to postpone this event until a later date. Who knew January was already so busy for people!

I’m super excited to be co-hosting this interactive event about finding more time, connecting with cool people and eating good food, with my friend and colleague, Urszula Lipsztajn.

The Experience
Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 6:00pm at HiVE Vancouver – click to get your ticket

  • 6:00pm: Small bites & settling in
  • 6:30pm: Group session begins
  • 7:15pm: Let’s cook
  • 8:00pm: The big meal & wrap-up

The Takeaways

  • A full belly!
  • Group coaching session all about getting control of your time
  • “Putting yourself, and your dinner, first” worksheets
  • Six recipes for the weeknight kitchen
  • Grocery shopping template
  • New friends

This is an intimate gathering with 25 seats available. Claim your seat here!

The Backstory

The idea for Kitchen Talks came out of a conversation Urs and I were having this past Summer about the connection between our time (or lack thereof) and the kitchen.

I’m generally pretty good friends with my kitchen, but, as evidenced by my lack of posts in the last several months, I fell victim to competing priorities during the busiest months of holistic nutrition school — who knew homework would take up so much time? — and found myself completely disconnected from my kitchen.

Now, I’m as much a foodie as I am a holistic nutritionist and really enjoy eating at the places I was frequenting for my meals — Whole Foods’ prepared food bar, my neighbourhood dosa place, and any sushi restaurant. That said, I was eating out too much for my own sanity: it was taxing the student budget I was on, taking the excitement out of what were usually my #treatyoself places, and making me long for a home-cooked meal.

Towards the end of those busiest months of schooling, I implemented some easy strategies to stay connected with my kitchen, like adding fresh vegetables to my dosa at home and batch cooking a soup once a week. These strategies were not new to me, but when that busy-ness hit, I was too preoccupied to have planned for them. I’ve since made these strategies, and others, into habits that I rely upon whenever busy times hit, keeping my kitchen (and my bank account) happy!

If you’re tired of saying you’re too busy to cook and ready to figure out where you’re spending your time, Urs and I would love to see you at Kitchen Talks: The Myth of Time on January 29. It’ll be an intimate, interactive evening (only 25 seats available) of finding more time for yourself, making new friends, and eating great food. Click here for more information and to claim your seat.

It’s never too late to become friends with your kitchen!

Happy New Year!

P.S. Leave a comment below, tweet, or email me if you have any questions or need more information.

Red Lentil & Black Barley Soup + Inaugural MNSC

14 Nov

Ever since I left Calgary I’ve been craving a gathering just like #yycMNSC that my friend Dan started. So after meeting Annie, a longtime Twitter friend, in-real-life, we decided to start it up here!

Ready for their close-ups.

Monday Night Supper Club is about trying new recipes and restaurants, going on excursions, connecting with food and the food industry in our city, and, of course, making new friends. The inaugural potluck was yesterday (yes, I know it was a Tuesday) at my tiny studio apartment and what a blast we had! Breanne brought a Pumpkin Cashew Dip that I swear you could use as a body mask; Celia brought Quinoa Falafel Cakes; Carissa brought Savoury Sausage & Cheese Muffins and Chocolate Avocado Pudding; Annie brought Homemade Bread & Garlic Bruschetta; and Erin brought Raw Chocolate Nut Clusters. A very delicious evening indeed!

Coffee Grinder + Spices = Spice Grinder

I modified this Lentil & Barley soup recipe from a favourite healthy-eats cookbook called Enlightened Eating (written by a fellow Canadian Holistic Nutritionist!) and it was a total hit with the group. I like to use whole spices wherever possible and grind them as I need them. Instead of using a mortar and pestel, I just use a coffee bean grinder (that’s never met a coffee bean!) As a general rule, I always double recipes when I’m making soup so I’ve got lots leftover to freeze. Yum!

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Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale

8 Feb

The Food Bloggers of Calgary are coming together to put on a bake sale this weekend, February 10 & 11, 2012. All proceeds will go towards Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out! I’ll be there with Savoury Cheese & Caraway Biscotti, recipe for which I’ll post after.

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