Garden Project 2011 (Part 1)

31 May

My garden last year was a bit of a disaster. Not enough sun + buckets of rain = slugs + rotting + sadness. So this year I decided to invade my dad’s backyard in the hope that his Southwest exposure will do the trick.

This is my dad’s backyard just as we got started with our project.

Here we are mixing fresh soil after tearing out all the old plant life.

Leveling things out.

Garden frame in place — 12″x12″ squares make for easy planting.

After all this work, my dad decided he wanted to raise and level out the cement sidewalk you see in the background there. So this is how the day ended…

So we did this all again the next day.

I’ll post the results next time.

Here’s the follow up post. Garden is flourishing!

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