Garden Project 2011 (Part 2)

2 Aug

Here’s the very delayed continuation of my Garden Project 2011 (Part 1) post…

After redoing all the work my dad and I did the day before (back on May 31!), I finally got to planting. I went a little crazy at the garden store, which I’m sure you can all relate to. There were so many tempting things with the promise of great reward!

Here’s the garden about 2 weeks after planting.

Here it is a few days ago. The greens are doing well, the carrots are ready to be thinned and my summer squash is getting big!

Zucchini in the ground.

Zucchini flowering – exciting! It’s surrounded by two types of cabbage and some borage. If anyone knows what to do with borage, let me know.

Tomatoes in the ground! I cheated a little and bought 20″ plants from Sunnyside.

They’re getting big – there are quite a few green tomatoes already. Buying bigger plants to start will definitely be paying off.

Green beans I grew from seed and Hyacinth beans (two plants on the far right) my dad’s partner Sue grew from seed.

Like the tomatoes, the beans are loving being against the house, where the South-facing wall keeps them very warm.

Here are the beet sprouts a few weeks ago recovering from being nibbled at by some critter – likely a bunny.

They’re growing nicely now!

The basil was a bit stop and go in June with those chilly, rainy days we got.

But it’s thriving now, loving the sun!

There are many things that I haven’t gotten to this year that I wish I had done like composting, co-planting the squash/zucchini, planting more greens, and building a simple green house. Then I remember that this is only my second year vegetable gardening and things are doing pretty well. So, I’ll just take it one new thing at a time!

Until next time,

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