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I’m a Vancouver-based food blogger and kitchen advocate. My greatest mission is to help first time cooks gain kitchen survival skills. I take a practical approach to cooking, providing many variations and substitutions to my recipes to suit different diets and pantry stocks. In February 2011, I got involved with an amazing cooking initiative called Start From Scratch, where we teach university students to cook!

My lifelong love of food has been fostered by many chefs, most notably my grandmother. When I was young, we would make typical Eastern European fare like cabbage rolls, perogies and homemade cottage cheese, among other meat-and-potato-based meals. Nowadays, I prefer simple recipes made with whole foods that are good for the body, mind and soul.

Born and raised in Calgary, I received my Bachelor of Interior Design from Mount Royal University in 2006. After a 4-year jaunt in Toronto design world, I decided to pursue other interests that would lead to a healthier lifestyle.

I’m a retired Interior Designer, an alumna of Toronto’s George Brown College in Culinary Arts and the Cooking School of Grandma. I’ve completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training, a 70-hour Ayurvedic Studies program and subsequently a Diploma of Holistic Nutrition (2013).

I have an affinity for avocados, good red wine, boardgames, dinner parties and mucking about in the vegetable garden. Here’s to your endless culinary creativity!

Happy cooking,


P.S. You can get in touch with me by email at jacinthe(at)foodwithpresence(dot)com or follow me on Twitter: @jacinthekoddo

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